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A small game development powerhouse founded by Salman Hoseini, dedicated to evolving and crafting games for everyone's enjoyment.


Hey there, welcome to Upstairs Studio! I'm Salman, the guy who started this journey with a dream of being a writer. Somehow, life nudged me towards programming, and now I'm on a mission to blend my love for storytelling and coding in the world of video games.

Up to now, we've been diving into mobile games, but guess what? We're cooking up something special – fantasy and exploration games that go beyond the usual. Join us on this adventure, where every game is a story waiting to unfold, and the code brings it to life. Can't wait to share these experiences with you!

Salman Hoseini
Founder, Upstairs Studio

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Fast paced obstacle dodging game


Old school pong game with a creative twist

Check out the games we've built. From easy fun to engaging challenges, each one is a little adventure in your pocket!


Get ready for an adventure! We're in the lab crafting an exploration game set in a mysterious forest. Uncover hidden threats, explore the unknown, and brace yourself for an immersive journey. Stay tuned as we cook up an exciting gaming experience just for you!

Join me on the blog where I'll showcase cool and unique code snippets. Let's dive into the world of programming together and explore the magic behind the games!



A powerhouse of a programmer. Salman and I worked on a prototype for a video game several years ago. The work he did in UNITY was efficient, narrative design-driven and very clever. He created a fully-functional level in a very short time and we iterated in a fun and passionate way in order to create a strong building block for a game. His knowledge of programming and love of game design/storytelling make him a unique talent with huge potential.

Alain Mercieca, Lead Writer at Ubisoft Montréal

He delivered high quality code at all stages of the development of our multiplayer PC/Console game. He was also proactive when it came to making technical/technological decisions. He has made games as a solo developer so he knows all aspects of Unity and therefore was able to work on gameplay, UI, VFXs etc.

Guillaume Danel, Senior Game Programmer

I worked with Salman on several team-based application development projects. He is so fast and clever in designing and analyzing complex applications. The thing that I always appreciated is that he knows how to work in groups and be synchronized to others.

Emad Heydari, Cryptography Research Scientist

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